Project Realisation

The game Global Alternative is in its conception a lot: a parlour game, a social project, a research project, an experiment.

But so far it has only existed as a project.

Game design details such as the rules of the game, the background story, drafts of locations, stations, scenarios as well as short scripts for individual scenes and many other details are already available.

But its realization depends mainly on

  • whether digital technology is already sufficiently mature to implement a game of this scale
  • whether there are enough interested parties who are willing to support the project financially or actively contribute to mobilise the corresponding resources
  • and/or: if game designers, programmers, graphic designers and audio specialists are willing to get it off the ground cooperatively and on their own initiative
  • there are enough interested people who are willing to bring in critical considerations, commitment and creativity already now

If Global Alternative were to be realized, it would have to be a free commodity and open source product accessible to everyone with Internet access. An English version would therefore be needed from the outset, other languages could follow.