Virtually changing the world

Is there an alternative to the existing?

Is a different society, is a different economy conceivable?

And if so: how could a functioning alternative be created and ventured?

Here, an idea is presented that wants to make a plan B possible and conceivable.

It is the idea for a computer game – more precisely: for an interactive planning and simulation game in which the aim is to develop an alternative and sustainable model of society and economy.

Its name: Global Alternative

The aim is to discover, test and successively develop an intelligently organized, emotionally supportive, free of domination, stable and democratic world society, which succeeds in dealing with each other, with nature, the remaining resources and the effects of climate change.

Unusual and new about this ‘game’ will be

– that it offers the possibility to actively and creatively participate in the creation of a feasible alternative

– that it opens up participation and involvement in a global social project to interested people all over the world

– that their knowledge, experience and concerns are the prerequisite for its success

– that scientists are explicitly called upon to contribute their knowledge

– that twelve rules of play and society are sufficient to initiate a highly creative process

– that it helps to make a change of perspective, to free oneself from mental obstacles and to rethink the world

– that it makes it possible to become part of a community and to test, improve and develop what has been created in a practice-oriented way

– that it shows what opportunities are opening up and what comprehensive changes will occur when the shackles of the current system are broken

But for the time being, Global Alternative is still a project. In order to implement it, it requires the support of all those who want a Plan B (see Project Realization; for an exchange, see also Discussion Forum).

If Global Alternative should be implemented, it would have to be Free Ware. Because this game is not one to be marketed. It is one that is about the future of all of us. It is about bringing human knowledge and experience to the solution of the all too pressing problems on this planet.

Global alternative is not just a game …

Global alternative is not just a game … – it is a social project that depends on the commitment of people around the globe. People from different regions, from different cultures, with different knowledge.

It is therefore important that the game is free-ware and that participation is open to anyone in possession of a smartphone worldwide.