Virtually changing the world

Right now, people around the world, but young people and scientists in particular, are demanding radical steps to deal with the climate crisis, but also with the planet’s diminishing resources and the increasingly disastrous burden humans place on it. The questioning of capitalism is gaining considerable momentum for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis.

But, there is no Plan B.

Global Alternative wants to change this.

Global Alternative is conceived as a gripping, inspiring and interactive computer simulation game.

In a playful yet realistic way, a new economic and social form is created, tested and further developed.

The goal is to create an intelligently organized, stable, domination-free and public welfare-oriented global society that succeeds in how people deal with one another, nature and the effects of climate change.

Sadly, for the time being, Global Alternative is just a project. To make it a reality, all those who want a Plan B are asked to support it.

Global alternative is not just a game …

Global alternative is not just a game … – it is a social project that depends on the commitment of people around the globe. People from different regions, from different cultures, with different knowledge.

It is therefore important that the game is free-ware and that participation is open to anyone in possession of a smartphone worldwide.