The Idea

“How can people and computers connect and act together, more intelligently, than any individual, group or computer has ever  done before?” asked Thomas W. Malone, Director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence in 2006.

In a time when humans face the most drastic of challenges, climate change coupled with diminishing resources, Malone’s question becomes even more critical.

Can existing problem-solving intelligence, knowledge and experience be integrated at a global level through an IT-supported project to create a sustainable model that takes climate change into account and allocates the remaining resources to secure our future coexistence?

The answer is yes, through a ‘game’. An interactive planning and simulation game based on MMORPG. The game in a playful way, inspires and motivates the players to develop a new kind of economic and social system – one that is free of domination, is democratic and oriented towards the common good.