Rules of The Game

There is no money and no equivalent form of general payment

The concept of ownership with regard to any form of property does not exist; however, housing and items to organize a household are treated as personal belongings

There are no political structures (states, governments, officials, committees etc.), no leadership structures and no hierarchies

People organize themselves in Commons, which in turn belong to local areas, districts, regions and continents; this organization of people is for practical purposes only

The production of goods, information, knowledge and services and the mining of raw materials, must be organized as collaborative projects, in consultation with other projects and in accordance with the needs analysis

Regardless of location, all raw materials mined, products manufactured and services developed are recorded in a global pool register and can be retrieved as required, in accordance with logistically and environmentally compatible standards

Each Commons shall endeavour to make at least one contribution to the Global Pool, but there is no obligation to do so

All required goods, technical and scientific knowledge, as well as services, are recorded in the pool

All technical and scientific knowledge is available at all times, to all people worldwide. There is no ownership of intellectual products

All people worldwide are equally respected

All projects worldwide are equally respected

Regional and cultural peculiarities such as language, tradition, production techniques and religion are regarded as important and valued contributions to human society

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