More then 5 million years of human development; 200 years of capitalism; and in between, 70 years of experimenting with communism and socialism.

Here we are, in the 21st century.

Of the nearly 8 billion people worldwide, 6.3 billion live in poverty, many of them with great bitterness and no future prospects, almost 1 billion people suffer starvation.

There is infinite suffering.

But not only among people.

While natural resources are dwindling, ecosystems are falling victim to exploitation and the earth is heating up, species are disappearing.

This is possibly a tipping point. A censorship, for sure. Perhaps the beginning of a cascade of developments that will lead to the loss of the most essential prerequisites of what makes life worth living.

In any case, it is high time to reconsider everything. To search for clues. Why and how did we get to this point? And if answers to these questions can be found: Can the same mistakes be avoided in the future? Is it possible to create an alternative that is worth living and loving?

It is this train of thought that led to the idea of the game.

This game is the chance to get the answers.